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“Expressive” is the word that fans of DJ G@DgEt (whom she likes to call Gêårz) use to describe her work. As a self-taught DJ, starting her career in Southeastern Connecticut, G@DgEt has had the joy of traveling up and down the East coast for numerous events. She started as a bartender, but something pushed her to create an atmosphere that was second to none. She thought that the answer was becoming an event coordinator because it was closer to her forte, yet something was lacking . . . So, with a lot of practice and dedication, DJ G@DgEt started mixing tunes and the recipe was complete. Creating moments and telling a story through music is what her main focus is, in addition to keeping her audience entertained throughout the journey.

With an approachable and fun energy level, matched with professionalism, DJ G@DgEt is enthusiastic about making your party a success. DJ G@DgEt officially started her DJing experience with Spotlight Entertainment in 2009. In that time she has worked with Nonprofit organization OutCT (an organization moving to promote awareness, tolerance and programming for the LGBTQIA+ community) She was the DJ for New London Pride at festival since 2014. She has live-mixed for dance crews, local artists, and drag performances. DJ G@DgEt was also the DJ for the first ever Born This Way Fashion Show (and has DJed the show every year since!) created by Mario Delucia to help fund OutCT's youth program for LGBTQIA+ in CT. In part because of DJ G@DgEt, the fundraiser raised $13,000 (an amount that has increased every year since it started) DJ G@DgEt has been known to keep people on the dance floor with whatever it takes at nightclubs, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and backyard shindigs. With plans in the future to record with local rap artists and singers, this girl is unstoppable! 

What do you get a girl who has plans to be everything? A Drink! Look out for DJ G@DgEt at your local night clubs, Pride, fundraisers and the hottest parties, weddings, social events, and celebrations! 


Our Philosophy

DJ G@DgEt is more than a DJ she's a business woman, therefore she wants her public to know her top philosophies in regard to her business:

1. Focus on the wants and needs of the customer
 all else will follow.  Every event is not the same, every wedding is not the same therefore I can listen to what you want and my job is that much easier, so why not? There's a lot of DJs out there who know how to do one thing and one thing only: DJ 

but I am willing to listen and create a night you ACTUALLY dreamed of.

2. Its important to DO what you ARE

I am a DJ therefore I dont just have equipment and go out when I have a show, I am constantly learning new music and expanding my knowledge for YOU. 

3. You can make money without being a criminal

My main goal is that you have an amazing time, I will always have shows because I am a fantastic DJ. There is no need to charge 3 times the amount of money I need just because I CAN. My prices are affordable because I want to be a blessing in your life, not a financial burden.

4. Great just isn't good enough. 

I can ALWAYS be better and I owe it to the people who have gotten me this far in my career. I continue to create amazing nights but I can always be better, and that is my goal. Be better.​

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