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“DJ Gadget will get your party going! It doesn't matter who your party goers are, they can be young, they can be old, they can be shy, they can be bold, but they will all dance, laugh and have fun. Anyone can play music, but only the talented can turn that music into an event that will be forever remembered as a great time. DJ GADGET will make sure she has your favorites. So if you want your party to be fabulous rock with DJ Gadget. ”

Priscilla Lounds

"[DJ Gadget] has worked for me as a DJ/KJ at a bar I owned back in 2012. She worked for me on a regular basis and was always professional yet fun and energetic. She had a way of getting customers up and involved which, as a bar owner, is vital. She also goes above and beyond in promoting her events and again, for a bar owner, that is key!In addition to this, as a customer, I have also been to venues where [DJ Gadget] worked as a DJ/KJ and my husband and I have always had a great time! She just has a way of making people feel happy and drawing them out of their shells and getting them involved. I have seen the quietest people have the best time getting up and singing because she is so supportive and will even sing with them to make them comfortable.I would absolutely, without hesitation, hire [DJ Gadget] any time I am in need of a DJ and would recommend her highly for any job! She is definitely one in a million when it comes to professionalism, personality and passion for her work.

Diane Ferreira, Bar Owner

Let's Party!

Our organization ALWAYS books DJ G@DgEt for all our events!! She plays the best music and really knows how to keep crowds dancing and having fun. Her emcee skills are above and beyond! If you want your audience to have a great time, be sure to book DJ G@DgEt for your next event!



Todd Ledbetter, OutCT Board of Directors

Always Smiling Review
I've been to a few of DJ Gadget's gigs and she SLAYS it every time.  Karaoke always has a full house,  weddings, fundraisers, house parties...  She always brings a great vibe to every event she does.

Cassi Ploughman

Top Notch
Hot Rods Cafe Proud Owner DJ Review
Lit AF
I Like me some DJ Gadget
Excellent DJ

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